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Public Components

Moving to pub-comp @ GitHub, please fork over there and use pull-requests to suggest changes.
  • NoSQL
  • Authentication
    • ASP.NET Identity Stores for MongoDb (coming soon)
  • Build Tools
  • Testing Tools
    • Test Resource Finder (for running local and TFS build tests with resources from projects)
    • SSDT/LocalDB based database deploying for integration tests
  • Caching (version history)
    • A simple interface for caches + basic implementations (based on ObjectCache)
    • A Cache Manager enabling setting different cache types and policies based on configuration via code or app.config/web.config (config example)
    • An Aspect Oriented (AOP) based solution for caching (requires PostSharp) (example 1) (example 2)
    • Automatic fetch of partial list not in cache, addition of missing items to cache and return of all requested items using AOP caching (example)
    • MongoDB based distributed cache
    • Redis based distributed cache
    • Simple configuration of eviction policy for the various cache types
    • Layered cache (e.g. level 1 = in-memory, level 2 = distributed)
  • Aspects (version history)

NuGet packages:
Visual Studio Extensions:

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